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We are currently working on getting my books in Walmart, Costco, Longs, CVS, Walgreens and the ABC stores in Hawaii. You can still order books through this website as well as

"That's NOT What Grandmas Are For" and "That's NOT What Grandpas Are For" are available in the libraries in Hawaii.

Sip & Nibble™: How I Lost 120 Pounds

"Sip & Nibble™: How I Lost 120 Pounds reads with honest simplicity. It tells the story of a strong and bold woman and her remarkable journey to pursue her ultimate goal; to get rid of the crushing pounds of her suffocating weight. Jenniffer recalls many of the diets that didn?t work, and the hopes and disillusions of another yoyo-effect. However, her determination was stronger than her fears! Jenniffer traveled to Europe by herself, taking a leap into the unknown, hoping the net would appear, and it did. In Sweden she discovered a new world and explored it. She visited cities like Amsterdam, toured historic places and landmarks, and enjoyed the European fl avour, until she reached the end of her quest at the clinic where the lap band operation would be performed. There she met the doctors who would perform her life changing procedure. In this book, page after page Jenniffer delivers her story with humor as well as pain that grips you and pulls you into her life. Every person who has fought the weight loss battle, with or without success, will learn a lot from this book and recognize a part of their own story hidden within the pages. And who knows maybe next time you will be a winner also."
                   Frieda Gröffy, Belgium Journalist and author of Universal Woman.

That's NOT What Grandmas Are For

What are Grandmas for? Find out in this heartwarming story. You and your children and your grandchildren will want to read it over and over.

Jenniffer Welliver was sitting in the living room feeding her 6 month old grandson his bottle when her son Joe entered the room, dropped the laundry basket at her feet and said, "Here, fold the laundry-that's what grandmas are for." And she thought...wait a minute, "that's NOT what grandmas are for and got the inspiration to write her books. Her son and grandkids live in Alaska and Jenniffer lives on Maui.

This is a valuable story that shows young children how to respect their grandmothers. Rather than casting grandmothers in a service role to fulfill the wishes and whims of the grandchildren, this story teaches appropriate expectations of young children and activities to look forward to and share with their grandmothers.

That's NOT What Grandpas Are For

This is a valuable teaching story that illustrates respectful behavior for young children to have for their grandfathers and what behavior not to expect. It colorfully presents typical situations to share fun activities and learn life lessons and skills from their grandpas.